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We Have A Mission

Our ultimate goal is to make sure that children are taken care of in the right way to ensure that they grow up well. Directly related to that goal is for us to help parents do parenting in the most convenient way possible.

From time to time, we will offer you tips and hacks to guide your child onto the right path. And even help you balance your work and parenting life. All in all, this website aims to provide holistic growth not just for the child but also for the parents.

We Are Looking for More

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Yes, we are a group of individuals who specialize in childcare but more than that, we are also parents. However, our years of experience may not be enough to answer every question that a parent has. This is why we are encouraging you to join us on our mission.

We are currently looking for additional writers who can perfectly relay their experience towards our audience and provide them with a solution that solved the problem at hand. We are also open to accepting highly-skilled writers who are not only good in researching but is also good in putting their feet in other people’s shoes in order to grasp the entirety of an issue.

If you are someone with either the experience or the skill, feel free to reach out to us. Don’t worry about feeling that you are not good enough for the post because what will matter is that you have tried.

Besides, it is not you who will be judging your work but us. You may not think that your work is good enough but we will be the ones who will determine whether that is true or not.