post3 feat - 7 Types of Child Care Services You Should Know About

7 Types of Child Care Services You Should Know About

Most parents resort to child care services because of how busy they are with work. Unlike before where men only do the work and women were left in homes, the millennial era seems to insinuate that both parties must work to provide a better and brighter future for their child. To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with that because that would mean that you value providing comfort for your family. But, what about your child? Who will be the one to take care of them if both of you are out to work? This is where child care services step in.

Here are some of the most popular child care services available:

Child Care/Long Day Care Center

For children who are not yet admissible to school, this type of service provider will look after your kid while you are work. Of course, while they are in their care, they will provide them with some activities that could help develop their cognitive and behavioral traits.

Family Day Care

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This kind of child care service makes use of experienced carers that take your children in their own homes while you are away. They also provide developmental activities to ensure good growth for your child. They mainly cater to children who haven’t started school yet but sometimes they break that rule and take in children up to 12 years of age.


post3 3 - 7 Types of Child Care Services You Should Know About

This is already a part of an educational program which means that in order for you to leave your child here, they must be at the proper age. However, unlike day care centers, pre-school only teaches children half-day, thus, needing an additional service to employ.

Outside School House Care

We have mentioned that for pre-school, children only stay in half-day which is the reason why outside schoolhouse care is highly needed. This kind of care caters to children before and after they go to school and even on holidays.

Flexible Care Services

There are parents who work on a contractual basis or on-call duties. Once this is the case, it will be hard to know when they’d be called in for work. Because of this setting, flexible care services would gladly take over to watch over your child. In other words, they are just one call away.

In-home Care

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If family day care grants carers to bring the kids in their own home, in-home care requires the carer to go to their clients’ house and perform their task there. In-home care is normally used by families who do not employ the standard child care services or when their needs are not met by a certain service provider.


If you have been thinking that a carer is basically a nanny, then you are wrong from the very beginning. A nanny and a carer, although performing a lot of similar duties, are not the same.

Nannies’ duties are limited to child care and other domestic tasks that are directly related to child care. On the other hand, a carer is a licensed professional who does more than take care of the child since they also provide activities that will develop a growing child. Regardless of which service you employ, as a parent, you must make sure to put your child’s needs above all else. Evaluate each option accordingly so that you will have the right solution for your dilemmas. Spend some time researching about each service provider before hiring them.

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