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4-Point Comparison of Child Care and Parental Care

As parents, we know how hard it is to decide whether to quit work and stay at home just to be with your kids or just hire a child care provider so that you can continue working and provide for your family.

So, to help you decide, we have compiled 4 points that would help you decide whether to quit your job or to enroll your kid in child care.


Child care services are not affordable. This is why even couples who both have work still struggle pay for it. Now, if you are not financially stable, maybe you and your significant other could come up with a simple calculation as to which alternative you can use depending on your income level.

This is quite a logical way to come up with a decision since you make use of factual information in order to arrive at a conclusion.


The number of benefits a child can get from child care is as much benefit that they can get from parental care. For child care centers, it is expected for them to provide children with developmental activities so that as they take care of them, they could also slowly improve them.

On the other hand, studies show how important it is to for a child to grow with a parent constantly by their side.


If a parent chooses to stay at home, their children might develop their social skills at a later age since they don’t have anyone to mingle with, except if you are the kind of parent who loves going out to parks and letting your children play with the others. On the other hand, if you want to make use of a child care provider, children may spend too much time there and have no time for you when you get home, thus, reducing the parent-child time altogether. In addition to that if your child has a low immune system, bringing them to another place without your supervision could expose them to harm.

But, if you choose to stay, there is a high chance that you’ll experience fatigue from juggling all the house chores, attending to your kid’s needs, and teaching them how to do stuff.

Societal Judgments

Some people would criticize parents who left their children in another person’s care just to earn money while others judge a parent who chooses to stay at home and not help with the finances. Now, if you can stomach this kind of judgments and just let them pass by, then you will not have any problem. But, if you are the type which takes all things seriously, then you will surely have a hard time deciding which one to pick. The endpoint of this is the concept of compromise. If you want one, then you have to sacrifice the other. You can’t get the best of both worlds. Although, it is also possible for you to do parts of each choice if you want to continue working but at the same time be free to take care of your child.

Some parents think that doing part-time jobs could do the trick but right now home-based jobs are becoming very popular and that is something that a striving parent like you should consider trying.

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